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Many corporations have a treasurer as one of their officers, whose job usually involves overseeing the money of the corporation.


A registered U.S. Trademark is used to protect the name or image associated with specific goods or services to prevent consumer confusion over the source of those goods or services. The indication that a name or image is protected by a registered trademark is the “Circle R” (®) after the name or image. Prior to registration and while the mark is being used you can indicate you intent to protect it with a “TM” (™) after the proposed mark. To have a mark registered is a process which usually takes from 6 months to more than a year, depending upon the objections, if any, raised by the examining attorney. These are registered in the United States by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Without filing for protection, your protection, if any, is limited to common law trademark or service mark protection which prevents others from passing off as yours what they are selling. This is a more limited protection in geographic scope and to the identical industry without statutory remedies. It is also possible to obtain a trademark at the state level, which is easier to obtain, but the protection is limited to the boundaries of that state (or those states) where it is registered.

Trade Name

The name used by a company to distinguish its brand from other brands of the same product type.


A civil, but not criminal, wrong. It is an injury against a person or property, commonly in the form of negligence or intentional acts that harm another.

Tender Offer

A type of takeover bid where the entity taking over offers a certain price for shares of the entity that is being targeted for takeover.

Taxable LLC

This is an LLC which has elected to be taxed like a C-Corporation which requires filing a Form 1120 U.S. Corporation Income Tax Return each year. This election takes place after filing an 8832 tax election with the IRS (within 75 days of formation or 75 days from the beginning of any calendar year after formation).

Tax Shelter

An investment that offers the advantage of legally avoiding or reducing tax liabilities.

Tax Elections

The elections by companies to be treated as a certain type of entity with regards to tax purposes. (eg. Form 2553 for S-Elections or Form 8832 for C-Elections).