Delaware Registered Agent Service

Incorporating your business in Delaware? If so, you’ll need a Delaware Registered Agent. Delaware law requires LLCs and corporations must always have a Registered Agent in the state.

IncNow® is an industry leading Delaware Commercial Registered Agent. A family-owned business with 50+ years of experience, we offer fast, affordable, and reliable Registered Agent services in Delaware. IncNow tailors its services for small business owners, large enterprises, and everyone in between.

Interested in learning more about the role of a Registered Agent in Delaware? We’ll explain the  requirements in Delaware and answer your biggest questions about Delaware Registered Agents:

→ What Is A Delaware Registered Agent?

→ What Do Delaware Registered Agents Do?

→ What Are The Delaware Registered Agent Requirements?

→ How Do I Get A Delaware Registered Agent Service?

→ How Do I Change My Delaware Registered Agent?

→ Why Choose IncNow As My Delaware Registered Agent?

What Is A Delaware Registered Agent?

A Delaware Registered Agent is a person or company that you appoint to receive legal notices, known as “service of process”, on behalf of your Delaware company. Their purpose is to be an official and dependable contact point for your business.

All limited liability companies (LLCs) and corporations in Delaware are required by Delaware state law to have a Registered Agent appointed at all times. The Registered Agent’s name and address are public. The agent must be available during business hours to accept any service or process.

What Does A Delaware Registered Agent Do?

Your company’s Delaware Registered Agent has two primary responsibilities:

  1. Receive legal service of process on behalf of your company, and
  2. Forward any official communications from the state, like Delaware state tax notices.

If your business is sued, a process server will give the court papers to your company’s Registered Agent. At that point, your business has been legally “served”. The Registered Agent then needs to send you these documents promptly and securely so you can respond.

Your Delaware Registered Agent should also help you maintain your company’s Good Standing status with the state by keeping you up-to-date on important compliance requirements and deadlines.

IncNow supports their Registered Agent customers by giving them paper and email reminders about Delaware state tax and report deadlines.

What Are The Delaware Registered Agent Requirements?

A Delaware Registered Agent needs to meet certain requirements:

  1. Have a physical address in Delaware, 
  2. Be available during business hours, Monday – Friday, 9AM-5PM, 
  3. Be listed on the company’s formation documents, and
  4. Keep contact information and an address for the company,

Your Delaware Registered Agent needs to have a physical address in the state of Delaware. This is required by Delaware state law. 

The primary role of your Delaware Registered Agent is to act as the legal representative for your company to receive service of process. To do this, your Registered Agent needs to be available at their physical address Monday through Friday during business hours in order to receive any legal documents and forward them to you quickly. 

How To Get A Delaware Registered Agent:

Getting a Registered Agent in Delaware for your LLC or corporation is quick and easy.  Just follow these steps to appoint IncNow as your Delaware Registered Agent today:

Step 1: Visit IncNow’s easy to use online order form.

Step 2: Fill in details about your business. If you’re setting up a new company, pick an incorporation package that suits your needs.

Step 3: The first year’s registered agent service fee is collected upfront.

Step 4: You’ll receive an invoice from us annually to renew your Delaware Registered Agent Service at a rate of $109. Our annual Registered Agent does not increase each year, unlike some other companies.

You can also contact IncNow by phone or by email to change your Registered Agent in Delaware.
Call IncNow to order at 1-800-759-2248.
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How to Change Your Delaware Registered Agent

Changing your company’s Registered Agent in Delaware is easy. Whether you’re dissatisfied with your current Registered Agent, or no longer want to serve as your own agent, the process to switch is simple and can be done at any time.

Here’s how to change your Delaware Registered Agent:

Step: 1 Choose a Delaware Registered Agent service, like IncNow.

Step 2: Submit a Change of Agent form to the Delaware Division of Corporations.

IncNow can complete the whole process for you when you order a Change of Agent service. Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Visit IncNow’s easy to use online order form.

Step 2. If you have an existing company and are changing the Agent, select “Change of Agent”. If you are filing a Delaware company yourself and need a Registered Agent, select “New Appointment”. 

You can also contact IncNow by phone or by email to order Registered Agent services in Delaware.
Call IncNow to order at 1-800-759-2248.
Email IncNow to order at

Why Is IncNow The Best Registered Agent in Delaware?

IncNow is a trusted Registered Agent for LLCs and corporations in Delaware. Here are some of the reasons why business owners choose IncNow to be their Delaware Registered Agent: 

Delaware-Based and Delaware-Focused

IncNow stands apart in its commitment to Delaware. Unlike other services that might operate remotely or through satellite offices, IncNow is deeply rooted in Wilmington, Delaware. For over 50 years, our Wilmington offices have been our home.

Our focus on serving as a Registered Agent within Delaware allows us to offer the best service possible. IncNow’s team of Incorporation Specialists have unmatched expertise in Delaware incorporation law. Their knowledge and dedication provide a level of customer service that national and even other local services can’t compete with.

Helpful Tools for Business Owners

IncNow offers its Registered Agent customers a comprehensive customer portal. The My IncNow portal is designed to streamline the management of your company’s documents, facilitate payments, and monitor your company’s status with ease.

Same-Day Scans and Original Paper Copies

IncNow ensures that all documents received on your company’s behalf are promptly scanned and the digital copies are directly emailed to you. 

IncNow also sends the original paper copies via USPS Certified Mail. For our international clients, we forward these documents through International Federal Express, ensuring timely and secure delivery.

Expertise in Delaware 

IncNow is owned and operated by A-rated Delaware attorneys specializing in business and incorporation law. Our attorneys oversee a skilled team of Delaware Incorporation Specialists who excel in completing Delaware corporate filings and are available to provide you with informed and reliable support.

Delaware Registered Agent for Over 50 Years

IncNow first started operating as a Delaware Registered Agent in 1974. Since then, we’ve formed tens of thousands of companies in Delaware and have helped them meet the Delaware Registered Agent requirements.

Registered Agent FAQs

Find answers to your top questions about Registered Agents for LLCs and corporations.

What Does A Registered Agent Do?

A Registered Agent serves as a reliable point of contact for your business in legal matters. They are responsible for receiving important legal documents and government notices on behalf of your company and making sure these documents are promptly forwarded on to you.

LLCs and corporations are required to appoint a Registered Agent in their state of formation in order to do business legally.

What Are a Registered Agent’s Responsibilities?

The primary responsibility of your Registered Agent is to receive legal service of process directed to your company. The Agent needs to notify you of any documents that they receive and forward you copies in a timely manner so that you can respond appropriately.

When Do I Appoint A Registered Agent?

You need to appoint a Registered Agent when you first register your LLC or corporation. State laws require that the company formation documents filed with the Secretary of State’s office list the name and address of your Registered Agent. The Secretary of State then makes the company’s Registered Agent details publicly available by publishing it on their website.

What Happens If You Don’t Have a Registered Agent?

State laws require LLCs and corporations to have a Registered Agent appointed at all times. If you don’t have a Registered Agent publicly listed, you risk missing deliveries of important legal documents or notices that need your response. This could expose your business to severe penalties or fines and potentially result in default judgments against you.

Additionally, the Secretary of State can administratively cancel your company if you do not have a Registered Agent appointed for a certain period of time.

How Can A Registered Agent Service Help My Business?

Utilizing a Registered Agent service offers your business advantages beyond just meeting a legal requirement. Your Registered Agent should be a trusted partner who is able to help you maintain your company. They ought to assist in keeping your business in Good Standing with the state by reminding you about tax deadlines and other necessary compliance requirements.

Can I Be My Own Registered Agent?

Yes, you can serve as the Registered Agent for your LLC or corporation if you have a physical address in the state where your company is formed. However, it’s important to remember that someone must be available at your address to sign for documents during regular business hours. If your business operations accommodate this requirement, then you can act as your own Registered Agent.

Can A Registered Agent Have a Virtual Address?

No, Registered Agents need to have a physical address in the state where they can receive physical mail during business hours. You cannot use a virtual address as your company’s Registered Agent address.

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