Notice: All new and existing entities will need to file a Beneficial Ownership Information Report with FinCEN. Click here to learn more.

Dissolve a Delaware Corporation or LLC

Dissolution is the formal procedure to wind-down the operations of a corporation. Filing a Certificate of Dissolution provides you three years from that date to wind-down the corporation’s affairs.

If you wish to dissolve your Delaware Corporation, we can prepare and file a Certificate of Dissolution that will set out the disposition of:

  • Your business’s debts and liabilities
  • The distribution of your business assets
  • How you and your co-shareholders elected to dissolve your business;

If you wish to terminate your Delaware LLC we can prepare and file a Certificate of Cancellation, which should only be filed after your LLC has been wound-down and should also provide for payments to all current creditors and foreseeable creditors over the next ten (10) years before payment is made to members of their equity interest.

Should you file your Certificate of Dissolution or Certificate of Cancellation in error, we can help you file a Certificate of Correction to undo that filing and restore your company.

The processing fee for either of these services is $189 (plus state fees). Please call for details or click the “Order Now” link below.

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