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Statement of Organizer

By IncNow | Published October 25, 2013

A document stating the initial members or managers of an LLC. In an LLC, when the company is formed, a Certificate of Formation is filed naming the authorized person. However there is little connection between this individual and the members or managers of the company, other than a cover letter to the company. To provide for more of a “paper trail” and “bridge” from the Authorized Person (also known as an Organizer) to the initial members or managers, the authorized person can sign a Statement of Organizer setting forth the name of the initial members or managers. To make this even more official, if requested by the customer, this document can also be notarized and even certified by the Secretary of State as being an authentic Delaware notary in what is called a “Re-Notary”. If used for international business dealings this “Re Notary” can even be apostilled or legalized alongside the Certificate of Formation.

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