Articles of Organization

By IncNow | Published October 8, 2013

The document that is required in many states (including Florida and Nevada) to be filed in order to form a limited liability company (LLC) (including the name and address of its Registered Agent). The Articles of Organization are prepared by the incorporation service and follow a state form to meet the state’s minimum filing requirements. This document is signed by an authorized person, usually who works for the incorporation service. After the scanned or faxed copy of the Articles of Organization is submitted and the filing fee paid, the state of formation enters the document into an official database of LLCs and lists it on their website as having been chartered. The Evidence of Filing is then returned to the incorporator which in turn sends it to the customer with a copy letter. If the customer orders the Operating Agreement as well, it is also sent to the Customer. In addition to the Articles of Organization, every LLC should have an LLC Operating Agreement to state the members names who own the company and how the LLC is to operate. (Some states use the term Certificate of Formation rather than Articles of Organization).

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