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Annual Meeting

By IncNow | Published October 7, 2013

1. A required meeting of the stockholders of a corporation that must happen every year (or technically every 13 months under Delaware law). It is also possible to avoid this meeting in a corporation if there is a unanimous action in writing signed by all shareholders of the agreed upon actions, such as election of directors.
2. An annual meeting of directors, where officers are elected and their salary and bonuses are agreed upon. Typically, these meetings should be documented by the corporate secretary who will insert annual meeting minutes into the corporate minute book. These are usually still kept in paper form. Even in a corporation where the stockholder is also the sole director and sole officer, the annual meeting is required.
3. It should be noted that the annual meeting is different from the “annual report” that is filed with the Secretary of State listing the names of the corporation’s directors.

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