Do I Have to Maintain an Office or Bank Account in Delaware?

No. An office or bank account does not have to be maintained in Delaware. Agents and Corporations, Inc. (Incnow®) can help you obtain a nine-digit EIN (taxpayer ID number) needed to open a bank account, but we cannot help open bank accounts. However, we are glad to provide a referral for mail-forwarding, office solutions, or Delaware bank contact if requested.

The only “physical presence” requirement in Delaware is to have a Registered Agent. You do not need to visit Delaware to start or maintain a Delaware company. However, you must retain a Delaware Registered Agent at all times to receive lawsuits if your company is sued. The Registered Agent also forwards annual state maintenance fee notices and Delaware government correspondence to you.

An annual fee is paid to IncNow to serve as the statutory Registered Agent and to receive and forward copies of legal actions filed against the corporation or LLC. Annual meetings can be held at any place and minutes can be signed by consent without a meeting.

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