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Does IncNow® Offer Other Specialized Incorporation or LLC Services?

Incnow (Agents and Corporations, Inc.) can assist you with:

  • Forming a Delaware Series Limited Liability Company (Series LLC)
    • For more information about the Series LLC, such as advantages of a Series LLC, please visit our Series LLC page. Incnow has established over 1,000 Series LLCs over the past 10 years and is expert in the field of the Series LLC.
  • Domesticating a foreign entity in Delaware as a Corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC)
    • Many foreign companies decide to start doing business in the United States after formation, and most choose to come to Delaware for its business-friendly climate. Incnow can help domesticate your foreign company in Delaware.
  • Incorporating a Delaware Special Purpose Entity (e.g. a Springing Member LLC)
    • Banks will often require a Special Purpose Entity to obtain securitized commercial real estate loans. The Williams Law Firm, P.A. can help you draft an Operating Agreement to satisfy these requirements and provide lenders counsel with a Delaware legal opinion letter.
  • Converting a Delaware Corporation into a Delaware LLC
  • Converting a Delaware LLC into a Delaware Corporation
    • Evolving small businesses may find that they wish to change their state of domestication to Delaware, or change from an LLC to a corporation in order to grow or go public with their small business. Corporations may want to change their business organization to take advantage of the taxation status of the LLC. This is like a short form merger. IncNow can help with both converting an LLC to a corporation and converting a corporation to a Delaware LLC. Additionally, Incnow can help retrieve and obtain needed supporting documents from Delaware to assist in this process.

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