Do I Need an LLC Bank Account?

IncNow® (Agents and Corporations, Inc.) offers incorporation and formation filing services, Registered Agent services, qualification services, and many others. However, under the Patriot Act we cannot open bank accounts for customers.

Can You Help Me Open a Bank Account for My LLC?

If you locate a bank, we can work with you to help you obtain any additional documents required, which may include a Statement of Organizer or EIN. If you need a referral for a specific bank in Delaware, we can also provide referrals. We cannot act as an intermediary because of federal “know your customer” banking laws.

Our customers find that opening a bank account after forming a company with us is normally remarkably easy. We expect opening a bank account for you would be just as easy. You may also consider advantages of opening a Delaware bank account. This can include additional creditor protection based on a Delaware special exception that protects bank accounts from attachment by most types of creditors. Once an account is opened in Delaware, you can use the local branches where you are located for everyday banking and still have the protection of Delaware law. If however you open an account in your home state that state’s laws will apply to the bank account.

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