What are the Annual Costs Associated with a Delaware LLC?

Business owners are understandably curious what it costs to maintain a Delaware LLC after the formation.

There are two annual costs or fees associated with keeping a Delaware LLC in “Good Standing”. The first is Delaware Franchise Tax, which is $300 due annually on June 1st. It is first due the calendar year after your LLC is formed. The franchise tax is a flat rate required to keep the entity active in Delaware. Failure to pay on time results in a late fee that accrues interest, and the entity ceases being in Good Standing. Should the entity fall three years behind on the franchise tax the state will void the entity and render it inactive.

The second cost is a Registered Agent (“R.A.”) fee. The IncNow® fee of $109 is due annually on January 1st. This fee begins the year following the date of formation.* A Registered Agent is required by the state, and failure to maintain one can result in the entity going inactive with the state.

*If an LLC is formed after July 1st, IncNow will waive your Registered Agent fee for the remainder of the year, and the Registered Agent fee you pay upon formation covers the following calendar year.

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