How To Structure a Series LLCDelaware Series LLC Structure

One initial decision in building the structure of the Series LLC is deciding who are to be the members associated with each protected series. Usually each protected series has the same individual members associated with it. This uniformity of ownership of each protected series causes the profits and losses of each protected series to flow to members directly and not through the mothership LLC.

To use a simple example, ABC Capital LLC can be a single-member Delaware Series LLC with Abel Adams as a member. It usually has Abel Adams as the single member of ABC Capital LLC, series 1; with Abel Adams also as the member associated with series 2; and Abel Adams associated with series 3.

In the partnership setting, XYZ Capital LLC would be a multi-member Delaware Series LLC with Abel Adams and Bob Best as members. It would then have Abel Adams and Bob Best as the two members of XYZ Capital LLC, Series 1; with Abel Adams and Bob Best also as the members associated with XYZ Capital LLC, Series 2; and Abel Adams and Bob Best associated with XYZ Capital LLC, Series 3.

These examples are not “parent-child” relationships because the relationship between series is horizontal (brother-sister), and not a vertical parent-subsidiary relationship.

Structure Advantages

Uniformity of ownership has its advantages with avoiding internal jealousy and conflict between members. We do not suggest having different members associated with each protected series because it is unwieldy and runs a high potential for conflict when ownership is not aligned between series. Therefore, do not associate Carrie Crawford with an individual protected series unless she is also associated with all series therein. Ideally, the ownership is mirrored in each protected series, so each member or members associated with any series is associated with every series in the same ownership percentage. This minimizes the risks of in-fighting between members. Chances are any future attacks on your company are much more likely to come from the insider members than from outsiders who are not members.

While some suggest having different ownership and control to avoid “associate liability” or “enterprise liability”, difference in control will create a conflict-ridden complex structure, which often leads to in-fighting.

Example Structures of a Series LLC

Common Delaware Series LLC StructureLess Common Series LLC StructureSeries LLC with Unassociated Property
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