16 Benefits of a Delaware LLC

Forming a Delaware Limited Liability Company (LLC) has numerous benefits that make it a popular choice among business owners. Here are 16 reasons to form a Delaware LLC:

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Benefit #1: Versatility 

Delaware LLCs are used for a variety of business purposes. Delaware LLCs offer protection for a wide range of assets, from one-person consulting businesses to multi-million dollar commercial properties. Businesses use LLCs to hold tangible assets, like real estate, and even intangible assets like intellectual property or trademarks. 

Benefit #2: Accessibility

Almost anyone (other than individuals from restricted countries) can form a Delaware LLC without having to live in or visit Delaware.

Benefit #3: Operate Anywhere 

Delaware LLCs can operate in any state or country. Whether you are doing business in California or India, you can still enjoy the benefits of forming an LLC in Delaware. You do not need a bank account or office in Delaware to form a Delaware. A Delaware LLC just needs to appoint a Delaware Registered Agent to represent the company and comply with state regulations.

Benefit #4: No Restriction on Foreign Owners

Citizens of any country (other than restricted countries) can be owners in a Delaware LLC. Delaware LLCs can easily conduct business internationally.

Benefit #5: Flexible Structure

Delaware LLCs allow business partners to structure their business however they want by signing an LLC Operating Agreement. LLC owners can tailor the rules for how a Delaware LLC is run to meet their specific business needs.

Benefit #6: Low Startup Cost

 Delaware has some of the lowest filing fees for LLCs. IncNow’s Delaware LLC packages start at just $9 plus state fees.

Benefit #7: Low Maintenance Fees

Delaware LLCs are only required to pay an annual franchise tax fee of $300 and an annual Registered Agent fee.

Benefit #8: No Delaware Income Tax

A Delaware LLC does not owe Delaware state income tax if it does business in a different state. 

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Benefit #9: Asset Protection

Delaware LLCs put up a barrier between personal assets and business liabilities. Business owners are protected from their business creditors. Delaware’s “Charging Order” prevents the creditors of an LLC from taking over the company.

Benefit #10: Quick Turnaround

You can form an LLC in Delaware in days, compared to weeks or even months in some other states.

Benefit #11: Tax Treatment Options

Delaware LLC owners can choose how they want the company to be taxed. A Delaware LLC can be taxed as a sole proprietorship, partnership, S-Corporation, or C-Corporation based on whichever tax election benefits the LLC the most. 

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Benefit #12: Delaware’s Business Friendly Environment

Delaware has a separate court dedicated to resolving business disputes called the Court of Chancery. Judges in the Chancery Court are highly experienced in business cases and resolve disputes quickly and fairly.

Benefit #13: Strong Case Law

Delaware has a well-established body of case law related to LLCs and other business entities. Business owners and their legal representatives benefit from predictability in judicial decisions. 

Benefit #14: Widely Recognized

Delaware LLCs are widely recognized and respected by banks, investors, and other businesses. Forming a Delaware LLC may signal that the company is reputable and well structured.

Benefit #15: Privacy for Owners

Delaware does not require the names or addresses of an LLC’s owners to appear on the state’s public database. A Delaware LLC only needs to include the name and address of its Delaware Registered Agent on the formation document. 

Benefit #16: Easily Convert to a Corporation

Delaware LLCs can be converted to other business entity types, like corporations, as they grow and evolve, providing flexibility for the future. 

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