How to Wind Up and Close a Delaware LLC

By Matthew Dochnal February 7, 2023
"Going out of business" sign in store window

Most entrepreneurs are optimistic when starting a new business venture. However, many understand that commerce is inherently risky. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 20% of new businesses fail within two years, and only 50% make it to their fifth year. It’s ok if you decide to close your business. However, you need […]

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What Is An LLC Membership Certificate?

By Matthew Dochnal September 20, 2022
llc membership certificate

The Delaware Limited Liability Company (LLC) is the preferred legal entity for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Compared to a corporation, an LLC offers much more flexibility and minimal red tape.  The company’s Operating Agreement sets forth an LLC’s ownership. This internal document governs the affairs of the company and is not filed in the […]

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What is a DUNS Number and Do I Need One?

By Matthew Dochnal August 30, 2022
business credit report

If you have ever tried to rent an apartment or lease a vehicle, you are probably familiar with the personal credit system. Your Social Security Number is attached to credit reports generated by major credit bureaus. Potential lenders then use your credit score to assess your ability to borrow money. Much like how a Social […]

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Do I Get a Business License or Delaware LLC First?

By IncNow July 22, 2022

Is the first step applying for a business license or forming a Delaware LLC? Unlike the chicken or the egg, this question has a definitive answer – the LLC formation comes before the business license. In order to begin doing business under a business license, you must first have formed the applicant. The LLC should […]

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Do I Need to Change My Delaware Business Name with the IRS?

By IncNow July 11, 2022

Changed your Delaware business name? Updating your branding may require a business entity name change with the Delaware Secretary of State. Notifying the IRS of your corporate or LLC name change is an important second step. In most instances, a name change will not require a new EIN but a simple letter to provide notice […]

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Do I Need a Delaware Business License for My Delaware LLC?

By IncNow

Starting a new business comes with navigating new waters and that includes what licensing is required. Business licenses are often issued at the local government level and are required for you to conduct business. This license allows the governing agency to verify that you are following the rules set in place to protect the public […]

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