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Do I Need to Change My Delaware Business Name with the IRS?

By IncNow | Published July 11, 2022

Changed your Delaware business name? Updating your branding may require a business entity name change with the Delaware Secretary of State. Notifying the IRS of your corporate or LLC name change is an important second step. In most instances, a name change will not require a new EIN but a simple letter to provide notice to let the IRS know that your previous name is no longer in use, and you will now be legally known as your new name. If you change entity types when you change names, by converting or merging, you may need a new EIN.

How to Change Your Business Name with the IRS

If you have a brand new EIN and have not yet had an opportunity to file your first tax return, you will need to notify the IRS of your name change by writing to the address where you will file your tax return. A change of name notice must be signed by an authorized person. It should include a copy of the Certificate of Amendment filed with the State of Delaware that is the official registry of the entity name.

If you have already filed a tax return for the entity, you can notify the IRS of your name change accompanying your tax filing for the year. If your tax filing for the year is complete, you can still update your name by following the process of mailing a notice to the address where you filed your tax return with a copy of the Delaware Certificate of Amendment. Please be aware that the IRS is just the second step of a list of places you need to update. You should also update your bank, contracts, information on record with current vendors, or any other company or individual you do business with on a regular basis.

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