Delaware’s Secretary of State Shines During the Pandemic

By IncNow | Published June 24, 2021

Delaware Secretary of State The Delaware Secretary of State runs the Division of Corporations with more than 1,000,000 active business entities registered in Delaware, including 66% of Fortune 500 companies. 

Entrepreneurs know Delaware for having an efficient and business-friendly state government which promotes the seamless formation and maintenance of corporations and LLCs. This is due to the leadership of Delaware’s Secretary of State, Jeffrey Bullock. As head of the Delaware Department of State, one of the most intricate and crucial departments within state government, Secretary Bullock oversees nearly two dozen separate divisions. Aside from managing the Division of Corporations, he also oversees everything from Veterans Affairs, Libraries, Archives, Professional Regulations and more than a dozen other areas from broadening access to the arts to preserving the state’s history.

The most well-known of these divisions is the Division of Corporations. Under the direction of Deputy Secretary of State, Kristopher Knight, the division serves as the backbone for the incorporation franchise, servicing companies formed in the state of Delaware. By creating a state of the art filing system, the Delaware Division of Corporations established a level of efficiency unseen by other secretaries of state across America.

The Delaware Division of Corporations Continued Fast Operations During the Pandemic

During the pandemic, Delaware really impressed the legal community. The state continued to have lightning-fast service, a stark contrast to every other state across the country that had long delays. Incorporators and entrepreneurs owe much credit to the division’s administrator, April Wright and Deputy Secretary Knight. They have overseen the continuous growth of Delaware’s business entity franchise while also protecting its integrity by rooting out bad actors through statutory updates. 

As the governor put lockdown measures in place at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Delaware Division of Corporations faced the same challenges as any other government agency or business. However, the division’s dedication to accessibility and excellent customer service pushed it to adapt. As a result, the Division of Corporations was able to remain highly operational, with Delaware retaining its title as America’s corporate capital. 

Many who come to Delaware, discover the process of forming a Delaware LLC to be fast and affordable. When the strongest legal protections are paired with the efficiency of the Delaware Division of Corporations and affordable filing fees, it is no surprise why so many businesses located both in the U.S. and abroad choose the Delaware entity advantage.

When deciding where to form your company, consider that Delaware has advantages over your home state that may benefit you. Go