You Don’t Need a Lawyer to Incorporate Your Business

By IncNow | Published July 27, 2020

lawyerWhen deciding whether to form a Delaware LLC, you may wish you had gone to law school so that you could understand everything you are reading. But attending law school would not help you. Law schools do not teach law students the mechanics of incorporating. Most law schools dedicate no more than one lecture to the definition of an LLC and the legal principles that are relevant to it.

Most law schools do not teach their students the ins and outs of forming a business entity. The requirements and mechanics vary between all 50 states; and the requirements, mechanics, and options are different for each of the many possible kinds of entities, plus the customization choices you make when setting up your chosen entity. Law schools typically cater to students who may practice in any state.  All of these possibilities lead to a lot of conflicting information, which is why it’s just not worth teaching in detail. The corporate law that law schools do teach is typically focused on old school corporate forms, and largely ignores the most used business form: LLCs.

This is also why it may feel hard to find a straight answer anywhere. But, fortunately for you, this means that you’re on the same level as your friend with a law degree—no need to attend law school. You the entrepreneur, and your friend the lawyer, are probably both starting at square one. (This is why lawyers often ask an incorporation service to incorporate companies for them and their clients.) So, don’t be worried if this seems confusing, and if it’s hard to get straight answers—lawyers have the same problem. You’ve been planning for this moment for a long time, and when you take this step to reach your goals, we understand that you want to make sure it is done right.

That’s why you should be able to trust your incorporation service. While online, you can learn more about incorporating and formation than any law student will learn before they earn their Juris Doctor. It is often easier however to save the homework and just let an experienced incorporation specialist do the work for you. Utilizing an experienced incorporation specialist as your registered agent is also a useful strategy to answer any future questions and avoid unnecessary mistakes.

When it comes to setting up the company or entities you need to pursue your dreams, the easiest decision may be forming a Delaware LLC. For anyone on the fence about which entity to choose or what state to form in, the Delaware LLC stands as the best option.

When deciding where to form your company, consider that Delaware has advantages over your home state that may benefit you. Go