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Why This IncNow Incorporation Consultant Gets Up at 4:15 A.M.

By IncNow | Published April 16, 2018

Austin Craig is currently an Incorporation Consultant at IncNow. After graduating
from the University of Delaware with a B.S. in Marine Science, he was searching for
employment while finishing a research project involving forage fish and algicide
treatment at UD’s Lewes, Delaware campus. How did he end up at IncNow after studying
science you ask? Although it seems to be completely out of left field, an urge to grow
his skillset, give back to the sport of rowing, and law school aspirations made it an ideal

As a marine science major, his core skills revolved around biology, chemistry,
physics, ecology, and their marine equivalents, but he knew this alone was insufficient to become a successful professional. IncNow has allowed Austin to add more tools to his toolbox such as customer service, communication, and sales skills. IncNow’s purpose is to incorporate and provide registered agent services for Delaware LLCs and corporations. This duty requires customer interaction since most business owners are far more concerned with operations than state requirements to be an entity in good standing and often have questions. IncNow has taught Austin to be an expert on incorporating, a subject matter he would have otherwise been blissfully uninformed about, as well as how to communicate with entrepreneurs about their specific needs.

Working at IncNow has also allowed him the opportunity to explore his passion
for rowing. IncNow is located just minutes from the Christina River, making the sport of
rowing accessible. Before joining IncNow, Austin was a four-year member of University
of Delaware Men’s Crew (“UDMC”) which culminated in winning the Men’s Points
Trophy at the 2017 Dad Vail Regatta. The time and energy he devoted to UDMC made
staying connected to the sport important. UDMC offered him an assistant coaching
position, and IncNow allows him the flexibility to coach part-time. He awakes daily at
4:15 a.m. to commute from Philadelphia to Wilmington to coach UDMC before heading
to the IncNow office. Although exhausting at times, he believes it’s rewarding to give
back to the team for the lessons and enjoyment he derived from rowing for UDMC.

IncNow’s proximity to the Christina River also allows him to row leisurely and
competitively. For example, he was a competitor in the 2017 Head of the Charles
Regatta where he and IncNow president John L. Williams raced together in the men’s
club 4+ event for Wilmington Rowing Center. A majority of the office has some sort of
connection to rowing, so coaching opportunities are taken advantage of by others at
IncNow. Successful rowers are typically hard-working and focused, but also fun to be
around, making IncNow a great place to work.

In addition to rowing and coaching, IncNow provides Austin a “bonus education.”
As a student, he minored in Energy and Environmental Policy which exposed him to the
roles that legal professionals play in environmental issues. Accordingly, he researched environmental law and decided upon a legal career path. IncNow president John L.
Williams, Esq. is also the president of The Williams Law Firm, P.A. and the offices are in
the same location. That provides Austin exposure to a business law practice and
practical experiences to better prepare him to excel in law school and eventually the
practice of law. After being accepted to multiple law schools, he is in the process of
deciding when would be the best time to enroll. He continues to benefit from being
immersed in the legal practice until he decides to enroll.

Although he has been at IncNow for a short time, the opportunities and
experiences Austin has been afforded are mutually beneficial. He reports it is a
wonderful place to work and wishes to leave his mark by looking for opportunities to
reduce the carbon footprint and paper consumption at IncNow. He hopes this benefits
IncNow and the environment. IncNow is focused on technology improvement and
mentoring. Austin helps augment this by mentoring young athletes and promoting

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