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The mailing address for my LLC has changed. How do I update it with my registered agent?

By IncNow | Published November 13, 2015

office move“My company is moving to a new location, so I need to update the mailing address for my LLC. How do I update it with you as my registered agent?”

Thank you for contacting us. You can email us at any time at to change your LLC’s contact address. Be sure to send the email from the email address you gave us to keep on file, so we know it is coming from an authorized person.

It is the duty of the LLC owners to keep the contact information up-to-date with its registered agent, but IncNow will attempt to contact the company if we receive returned postal mail or if an email is returned undeliverable due to a deactivated or mis-typed email address. We also ask you to review the contact information we have on file for you company as a requirement to pay an invoice through our website.

It is important to keep the LLC’s mailing address up-to-date with the registered agent so the LLC does not risk having important documents such as legal papers, state notices and registered agent invoices delivered to the wrong address. Not responding to a Summons or other legal service of process in a timely manner can result in a default judgment against the company. Not paying a state or registered agent invoice can result in your company going void at the state level.


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