Is the Certificate of Good Standing you emailed to me the “original”?

By IncNow | Published November 10, 2015

“Thank you for your email, but I will require an original of the Certificate of Good Standing with a raised seal. California does not accept copies. Please mail out the original with the rest of my formation documents. Thanks.”

Dear Customer,

The Certificate of Good Standing that we sent as an attachment to our email to you is an “original”. The Delaware Division of Corporations uses a modern filing system that produces electronic documents with an electronic seal so that evidence can be returned as quickly and efficiently as possible. This enables you to print out the original certificate using your own printer and use it to open a business bank account or for any other purpose.

Delaware’s electronic production of evidence does worry some customers, but we can assure you it should be accepted for official purposes as an official document from the State of Delaware.

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