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What records do I need to update when a Member is leaving a Delaware LLC?

By IncNow | Published October 2, 2015

man exits building“One of the Members of my Delaware LLC is no longer active in the company. What records do I need to update to reflect this change?”

Because the names of the LLC members are not usually filed with the State of Delaware, there is no “amendment” that needs to be filed with the Division of Corporations. Instead, the names of the Members are contained within the company’s Operating Agreement. That is where the change must take place.

It is important to have the resigning Member acknowledge the terms in which he or she is departing and to whom his interest is being transferred. After that Member signs the resignation and transfer acknowledgement, the remaining and new members sign the “First Amended and Restated Operating Agreement.” Subsequent transfers would be listed in sequence; for example the next would be the “Second Amended and Restated Operating Agreement” and so on.

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