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Why Should You Incorporate in Delaware?

By John Williams | Published June 22, 2013

Chances are you are located outside Delaware, but your friends suggested Delaware to you. The question is why? Why would you incorporate in Delaware, when you could incorporate in your home state?

We have created an infographic that explains why to incorporate in Delaware. Why is Delaware the best place to incorporate?

The simple answer is Delaware is better. Delaware is the gold standard. When teaching corporate law, professors across the country teach Delaware corporate law. The US Chamber of Commerce had rated Delaware number one for the most fair and efficient court system. In particular, Delaware has appointed judges, selected for qualifications. Delaware has a Court of Chancery with more quality decisions than other states. This allows you to take comfort in knowing if a dispute arises involving the internal affairs of the LLC or corporation, it will be handled competently.

Delaware also works hard to keep its laws up to date to keep them business friendly.

Why would you form a company in your home state knowing Delaware is better?

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