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Why everyone should use the Series LLC

By John Williams | Published April 26, 2013

Incnow is excited to announce that John Williams will be presenting a seminar on the Series LLC to the American Bar Association’s section on Real Property, Trusts and Estates titled: Why Everyone Could Use a Series LLC. The seminar will be a 1.5 hour teleconference at noon on Tuesday, May 14, 2013.

Having set up over 1,000 series LLCs over the past 10 years, has been a leader in this new type of entity. Recently John Williams was contacted by the Uniform Law Commission to make suggestions regarding a new Model Series LLC Act which other states will likely follow when they enact series LLC provisions. In fact Incnow was so early on the series LLC “bandwagon” that it even registered and owns the domain name and

Incnow recently surveyed their 1,000 customers on how the series LLCs are being used and John Williams has forwarded these survey results to the Uniform Law Commission and will discuss them on the ABA teleconference before ABA attorneys. The most recent Business Law Section teleconference on the series LLC attracted over 200 lawyers to call in, a record for an ABA teleconference.

John Williams recently attended the ABA Business Law spring meeting and will soon be attending the ABA RPTE Spring Symposium to stay current on laws and trends across the country.

We will provide additional call-in information for the ABA call when it is available. Exciting times for the series LLC, which can be purchased for $498 including agreement from

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