Why incorporate with Incnow? It’s simple: Value.

By John Williams | Published August 9, 2012

With all the incorporation and registered agent services found online; how do you know which company offers the best service, quality and timeliness at a very low cost?  This equals tremendous VALUE.  Others have registered agent fees which are as high as $300.00 per year; and filing packages which are as high as $1,000.00 (the ones who advertise on TV). When looking for the best VALUE – one must consider the start- up costs, maintenance costs and shut down costs compared to the quality of services you received.

Agents and Corporations, Inc. (INCNOW) strives to give each customer more than others offer.  From prompt, personal service from industry leading professionals  to professionally prepared documents which have been drafted by attorneys; our services and products offer a professional touch and add value to your filing experience.  With others; you really don’t know who is filing your business or who may be drafting your documents.  At Agents and Corporations, Inc., we are managed by attorneys with over 50 years of legal expertise.  Many of our competitors are not attorney-based operations and therefore may be more amateur.

The filing packages we offer are some of the lowest in the industry and our processing fees for other services such as amendments, renewals and cancellations, etc. are typically lower than most other services.  We give our customers choices – since not everyone needs the same essentials – you are not locked into paying for more than you need.  The products that we offer are professional, signature-ready and range from basic to complete.

Our customers tell us time and time again how much they appreciate the peace of mind offered by our professional and adaptable staff and service.  If a customer has an issue – our specialists are very supportive.  You will not find this type of VALUE with our competitors.

You are not just filing a Corporation or LLC – you are creating your business and starting a relationship with your registered agent.  Agents and Corporations, Inc. takes pride in every company we help to create and in every customer we support.  We take your business as seriously as you do!

Article By: DavidZ@Incnow.com

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