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Mitt Romney was Director and President at Bain Capital in March 2000 according to records filed with the Delaware Secretary of State.

By John Williams | Published July 13, 2012

The post below has a (4 page) tiff image of the Delaware Secretary of State’s annual report filing for 1999, filed March 2000 (page 3 of the tiff is the front of the report and page 4 of the report is the back of the report, listing Mitt Romney’s name in handwriting, signed by the treasurer). The list of directors is to be current as of the time the report is filed under Delaware law (see statute citation below). This filing is not available to anyone online, only through Delaware registered agents with online access to the Delaware Corporation Imaging System database. We paid Delaware $10 this morning for this report.

Title 8 Chapter 5 § 502(a)(4) states that the Annual Report shall list, “The names and addresses of all the directors as of the filing date of the report …” (emphasis added).





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