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Why form a new business in Nevada: The Nevada legislature is an incorporation law leader

By John Williams | Published June 24, 2012

When deciding where to incorporate you have a choice of forums to determine which law governs the internal affairs of your business enterprise. You can incorporate in your home state or you  can choose Nevada. Nevada has laws like no other, which are invariably better than your home state.

Nevada’s state legislature is “pro-active” and enacts statutes that favor business owners and managers of corporations and LLCs over creditors of the business. The basic philosophy of Nevada is that if someone is dealing with a business and has a problem with that business that person should have expected to only be able to attack the business’ assets, not the business owners’ personal assets.

To this end, Nevada stays “ahead of the curve” of other states that enact laws which have more ‘consumer friendly’ provisions that are not as pro-business. Other states which try to keep pace with Nevada invariably are always playing catch-up. They  may be slow to enact similar laws, often with changes to strip-down the effectiveness of the Nevada equivalent law.

Nevada makes a concerted effort to promote business by creating a climate to let business owners take risks with as much protection as possible for the owner’s personal assets.  The only time Nevada allows a corporate veil to be pierced is for fraud. As far as Nevada is concerned, provided you do not commit fraud, you should be entitled to the advantages and asset protection of Nevada whether you form a corporation of an LLC. To form a Nevada business online, go to Http://

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