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Incorporate a Nevada LLC: Starting a business in Nevada from outside Nevada

By John Williams | Published June 24, 2012

Nevada LLC laws are the some of the most business friendly in the country. In Nevada you must declare whether your LLC is to be managed by its members or dedicated managers. Most small businesses decide to be member-managed, like traditional partnerships, where the members have authority to bind the LLC to contracts. This does not bind the members personally. Instead, they have only bound the LLC. The individual member is not on the line to guarantee the contract. If you choose to form a Nevada LLC the internal affairs for disputes amoung individual imembers and managers is resolved under Nevada law, which should honor the 4-corners of the LLC agreement. Nevada treats members of an LLC like adults and should enforce the agreement made, to avoid absurd results.

People often ask whether this LLC can be used outside of Nevada. All 50 states recognize the rights of out of state entities and cannot discriminate against them. The states where the entity does business may require the filing of a certificate of authority to do business, but that is a very straight-forward filing with which would be happy to assist.

You do not have to be located n Nevada or even visit Nevada. the only contact you need with Nevada is your register agent’s office. You can form your Nevada LLC from the comfort of your own home at Http://

We look forward to assisting you with the business formation of a Noevada LLC.

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