How Long Does It Take to Get Incorporated?

The incorporation process in Delaware is simple and quick, particularly when compared to other states. The Delaware Division of Corporations is quick and efficient, as is the staff at IncNow, which ensures you will receive your evidence of incorporation as soon as possible.

How Long Does It Take to Form a Company?

After completing the Online Incorporation Form inside the United States, you will typically receive your formation documents via Priority Mail Delivery within 4-6 days. This is based on the typical shipping time and the processing time for the Delaware Division of Corporations. Because IncNow is a Delaware Commercial Registered Agent, we have higher priority for filings with the Division of Corporations relative to someone from the general public submitting their own filing. For someone to submit their own formation paperwork, it could take weeks to have a Certificate of Formation returned, either accepted or rejected, from the Secretary of State’s office.

The exception is during times of high demand when the Division of Corporations gets backlogged and slow, particularly in the middle to end of December and during weather emergencies. We recommend requesting expedited services and email or Federal Express delivery (usually within 72 hours) if your formation is time-critical.

Our NOW packages include email delivery and also include 24 hour priority filing with the state, meaning that the Division of Corporations will turn around these orders faster than standard filings.

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