How can I find out if the name I want is already taken?

IncNow (Agents and Corporations, Inc.) provides two easy ways to discover the availability of an entity name.

The first way is to submit an order to IncNow and we will check the name that business day.

The second way is to call us at 1-800-759-2248 or email, where a representative can check the availability of a desired entity name at no charge.

Checking the State of Delaware’s website for availability can be misleading because the business search tool shows former names that are no longer conflicts but does not display some names which may pose conflicts, for example when the corporate ending is different.

You can use the “name reservation” tool at to confirm availability. We do not believe that is usually necessary because it costs $75 and it would be easier to just file the company to see if the name is available.

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