LLC Members and Managers: Who Owns an LLC?

By Matthew Dochnal April 25, 2023
two small business owners opening a cafe

Who owns and manages an LLC? If you’re thinking about setting up a Limited Liability Company (LLC), it’s helpful to understand the roles of LLC owners and how they’re involved in managing the business. LLCs offer the flexibility to create unique management structures, pick officer titles, distribute management responsibilities, and outline ownership interest. In this […]

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How To Save On Single Member LLC Taxes

By Matthew Dochnal November 8, 2022
single member llc tax

20% of small businesses fail in the first year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. One reason is that many business owners cut into their profits by simply failing to take advantage of tax deductions.  If you operate a single member LLC, you can save significantly on taxes – you just need to know […]

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