What Is An LLC Holding Company?

By Matthew Dochnal May 17, 2024

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you may have come across the term “holding company.” Holding companies are a type of legal structure utilized by businesses across various industries. When set up correctly, a holding company can offer unique legal protections that a single business entity cannot achieve. Many well-known corporations use holding companies as […]

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Should I use a Series LLC, Multiple LLCs, or an Umbrella LLC?

By IncNow July 11, 2022

Serial entrepreneurs often explore multiple opportunities simultaneously. To start a new line of business, you may not need a whole new LLC. You can use your current LLC and put various lines of business under one entity. This practice is often referred to as forming an Umbrella LLC structure. Using an Umbrella LLC for multiple […]

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Should I Set Up an LLC Holding Company?

By IncNow May 7, 2021
holding company

How you can protect your businesses from the liabilities of your other businesses Does a D.B.A. offer you any legal protection? Are there alternatives to setting up a separate LLC for each business or property? If you have multiple LLCs, it’s only natural to wonder if you should set up an LLC holding company. In order to determine […]

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