Do You Need an Incorporation Lawyer?

By IncNow | Published November 2, 2021

incorporation lawyerYou may be interested in forming a Delaware LLC or Corporation. Deciding what type of business to form and understanding all of the terminology and legal requirements can be intimidating for an entrepreneur. Focusing on your business plan and working with an accountant may be a good start. However, accountants do not typically advise on liability protection. You may be thinking about contacting an incorporation lawyer to help you with the business formation process, such as the attorneys at The Williams Law Firm, P.A. Engaging an attorney can put your mind at ease. They provide structuring and liability advice beyond what your accountant can provide. An alternative economical option is to work with an incorporation service run by lawyers.

You need to decide whether working directly with an attorney is helpful in your situation. You may also simply go online and use a non-attorney service to form your company. But you may be justifiably concerned that online services lack the training and knowledge of professionals who have been to law school.

What Is an Incorporation Lawyer?

There are many different areas of law. An incorporation lawyer specifically focuses on the laws surrounding the business of forming and maintaining corporations and LLCs.

What Does an Incorporation Lawyer Do?

An incorporation lawyer can help ensure that your company is properly formed and in good legal shape. But not everyone needs to hire a lawyer to help form their company.

For some entrepreneurs, an ideal middle ground may be to obtain the assistance of an online incorporation service operated by attorneys who engage with the law daily and have educated and trained lawyers and paralegals on staff. This service may provide the initial guidance. Just as important, it will give you confidence in the documents you are receiving which form the legal architecture of your business venture.

Having an incorporation lawyer prepare your LLC operating agreement is better than having documents prepared by a non-attorney, especially when the price of packages are equivalent. Finally, you may want to seek out an online service run by Delaware licensed attorneys who work in a Delaware office. For many, this may be the best value—a service that knows the answers, is small enough to care yet large enough to count on, and is backed by licensed professionals.

Your business deserves the best. Using only a fully-automated, online robo-service may not be a good fit for you. Instead, you can use incorporation lawyers or an automated boutique service operated by licensed attorneys who are up-to-date on the latest developments and who are available to help you make the best choices about your structure and choice of entity.

When deciding where to form your company, consider that Delaware has advantages over your home state that may benefit you. Go