What does it mean for a company to “go void”?

By IncNow | Published July 27, 2018

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Thank you for sending your resignation notice. Yes, we would like to let the company go void. Can you please elaborate on what it means to “go void at the state level”? If we decide to renew at a later stage, can you help with that?

Thanking you in advance.  -Customer

What Does It Mean to Go Void?

Resigning as registered agent means that we request the Delaware Secretary of State remove us as the registered agent on record for your company. Once we resign and are removed as registered agent without the company naming a new registered agent, the company will go into forfeited status and no longer be in “good standing” with the State of Delaware. A Delaware company must maintain a registered agent with a Delaware address, such as IncNow, to remain in good standing.

Why Do Companies Go Void?

It is good policy to let us know if the company is no longer doing business and would like us to resign as registered agent. This is better than simply ignoring franchise tax notices and letting a balance accrue with the state. Once we resign, the company stops accruing franchise tax, late fees and interest. Avoiding these taxes and fees is important should you wish to renew/revive the company at a later date because late fees and franchise tax must be paid for the company to be renewed/revived.

As long as the name is not taken by another party, you can renew/revive the company by appointing a registered agent, filing a certificate for renewal and revival and paying any unpaid taxes that the company owes the State of Delaware. We would be happy to help you through this process.

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