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Is an Office Address Required to Incorporate in Delaware?

By IncNow | Published March 3, 2014

One of the most commonly asked questions is whether a business address or physical address is a requirement to incorporate in the state of Delaware.  Both domestic and international customers ask this question.  Since most of the businesses filed in Delaware are located outside Delaware; this is a common concern.

Do not let this concern you. Very few Delaware LLCs and Corporations have an address in Delaware.  The only address you need is that of a “registered agent” which will be your limited physical presence. Our office performs this service.

The “Registered Agent” is intended for forwarding legal process and Delaware state notices.

Should you wish to have a mail forwarding address in Delaware, let us know.  After you incorporate, we can refer you to a mail forwarding and virtual office service that is located in our office building.

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