Why Attorneys SHOULD use the Series LLC – Upcoming ABA Conference Call

By John Williams | Published September 28, 2012

John Williams will be presenting a “hot topics” conference call with the American Bar Association’s Real Property Trusts and Estates Section’s subcommittee on Partnerships and LLCs to discuss why attorneys SHOULD use series LLCs in real estate transactions. This call is tentatively scheduled for mid January, 2013. Items to be discussed will include common applications of the series LLC and unique advantages of the Series LLC.


Agents and Corporations, Inc. has set-up over one thousand series LLCs over the past ten years. It was the first incorporation service in the country to offer the series LLC with an operating agreement in 2003. It was such an early player in the development of the series LLC and common uses that it registered the domain name www.seriesllc.com and www.series-llc.com.


Although Agents and Corporations, Inc. does not offer legal advice, if you wish to seek the advice of a Delaware attorney familiar with the series LLC, John Williams is available through The Williams Law Firm, P.A. for consultations on an hourly basis and can even assist you in drafting customized provisions for use in a series LLC. He has also worked with attorneys from other states and Delaware on drafting customized Series LLC agreements.


We plan to provide more information after the above referenced conference call on the Series LLC, to summarize the call and the questions posed.

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