Our Mission and History

Current President John L. Williams, Esq. and IncNow founder David N. Williams, Esq.

Current President John L. Williams, Esq. and IncNow founder David N. Williams, Esq.

Agents and Corporations, Inc. (Incnow) is a family owned and operated registered agent that has been fulfilling its mission of providing fast, easy, and reliable incorporation services to business owners around the world since 1974.

Incnow was founded by David N. Williams Esq. in 1974, the same year he opened doors to his law firm, The Williams Law Firm, P.A.

Incnow began as the registered agent for clients of the law firm. However, Mr. Williams quickly learned that few attorneys were familiar with the process of incorporating a business in Delaware, so he decided to offer Incnow’s services to everyone. In doing so, he gave public access to attorney quality documents at a filing service price.

For the first 25 years of business, Incnow grew by word of mouth into a thriving incorporation service with low overhead and low cost structure passed on to our customers. In 2001, David Williams’ son John Williams, an attorney with expertise in LLCs, joined Incnow and opened Incnow’s services to an even wider audience through an e-commerce website.

To this day, Incnow makes it easy for entrepreneurs to incorporate and gives lawyers and accountants “signature ready” documents for their clients. We do not use blank form documents. Instead, our documents are filled in and ready for signature with the principals’ names and business name already in the document.

Incnow remains an attorney-operated incorporation service that’s small enough to care and big enough to count on.

The IncNow Advantage

At Incnow, we invite you to incorporate your business, form an LLC, or take advantage of our other business services at the most competitive prices in the market. Both our start-up costs and registered agent costs are price-competitive, whereas many other registered agents are price-competitive in either one or the other. We will make your business’ incorporation or LLC formation simple and hassle-free by completing your documents for you, including your company name and members’ names on your LLC Operating Agreement, and customizing your corporation’s minutes, unanimous action of directors, bylaws, and stock certifications. We take pride in our high quality and personalized fulfillment of your business service needs on a level that is unmatched in our industry. We have satisfied thousands of business owners for nearly forty years and would be happy to assist you with forming your LLC or corporation today.

Contact Us

If you have questions on which entity or state to choose, or are ready to get started, please contact us for immediate assistance.

Contact: David Williams, Esq., John Williams, Esq. or any of our Incorporation Specialists

Agents and Corporations, Inc.
300 Fifth Avenue South
Suite 101-330
Naples, Florida 34102
Website: www.incnow.com
Toll-free: 800-759-2248
Email: agents@incnow.com

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