What are the annual costs associated with a Florida LLC?

If you’re interested in incorporating in Florida, you’ll likely wonder what Florida LLC annual costs may be. It is considered relatively inexpensive to form an LLC in Florida, but there are some costs to be aware of. Here’s what you need to know.

Initial Costs to Form a Florida LLC

There are a few basic fees associated with forming a Florida LLC:

  • $125 Florida State Filing Fee, to file the Articles of Organization
  • Fees due to your registered agent to form the LLC and draft the Operating Agreement

Florida LLC Annual Costs

After formation, there are two annual costs to maintain a Florida LLC: an annual report fee and a registered agent payment.

The annual report fee for a Florida LLC is $138.75 (Florida corporations are $150) due annually between January 1st and May 1st. A late fee of $400 is applied by the state if the fee is not paid by May 1st.

The registered agent fee is $99 which is due annually on receipt, but no later than January 1st beginning the year after formation.*

*If a company is formed after July 1st, your registered agent fee includes the remainder of the year and the following year.

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