Fast, Professional Florida LLC

Incorporation Services

Amendments can be made to your limited liability company in Florida. Should you wish to amend your Articles of Organization, we can prepare Articles of Amendment for your review, approval, and filing.

An amendment can be filed to change the name of the company, the Registered Agent for the company or any other provision in the Certificate of Formation for an LLC.


Typical Amendments:

  • LLC name
  • Business address
  • Florida Registered Agent
  • Name and address of the managers/members


What needs to be provided?

The complete cover letter and the Articles of Amendment to the Articles of Organization and the filing fee. In Florida, it costs $25 and must be sent to the Department of State by mail or delivered in person. If the state approves the filing, you will receive a letter that acknowledges the amendment has been filed.

  1. Fill out a simple online form
  2. We prepare and file your LLC
  3. You receive your LLC package

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