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Your Florida Registered Agent: More Than an Address

For your company to be incorporated in Florida, it must name a “Florida Registered Agent” where the company can be reached if a lawsuit needs to be served in Florida. This is a legal address for limited purposes. It is a “physical presence” in the state of incorporation for the purpose of “service of process”. This is the primary role of the registered agent. Individuals are generally not well-suited to act in this capacity. Although it is possible to use a residential address for an agent, that person would need to be generally available during business hours in case your company is sued. Therefore it is best to use a Florida Registered Agent.

The reason to keep updated the correct address of the contact person for your company is because of what can go wrong if your company is sued and you are not provided with notice of the lawsuit. The Registered Agent receives and forwards lawsuits (called “service of process”) to the contact person it has on record at its “last known address”. Failure to respond to a lawsuit (also known as “service of process” in the form of a “summons” and “complaint”) in a timely manner will result in a judgment by default and financial liability or more against the company. Therefore, it is important to choose your Registered Agent on the basis of reliability in addition to low cost.

The role of the Florida Registered Agent often starts at the moment of incorporation, where a Florida office is named. Typically, this office is the same as the incorporation service you have chosen for the formation process. The role of an incorporation service and the role of an agent are different. The incorporation service is merely the conduit that gets the company started. Conversely, the registered agent has the ongoing role for the life of the company, even if mostly disconnected to the underlying business.

Incnow would like to be your Florida Registered Agent. If named at the time of incorporating, typically one of the attorneys who manage the business will sign your Articles of Incorporation as the incorporator or your Florida LLC’s Articles of Formation as the Organizer. If you have any questions about changing registered agent to Incnow or have questions about needed agent services, please give us a call or email.

We look forward to assisting you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I Need a Florida Registered Agent?

Florida law mandates that every company incorporated in Florida must name a Florida Registered Agent.

What is the role of a Florida Registered Agent?

A Florida Registered Agent is a person, designated in the Articles of Incorporation / Articles of Organization that receives important corporate documents from the state on behalf of a company. These documents include a company’s Service of Process (delivered to the Registered Agent by a sheriff or Special Process Server) and can also include annual reports and franchise tax notices. (Note: Agents and Corporations, Inc. (Incnow) forwards Service of Process documents to the customer’s last known address by Certified Mail or International Federal Express).

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